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  • High cost for premium services
  • Unclear safety guidelines


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Tendermeetup Review: Is It A Reliable Dating Option In 2023?


Tendermeetup is an online dating app that has been gaining popularity among singles in the last few years. It was created by a team of developers and entrepreneurs who wanted to provide users with a safe, secure, and convenient way to meet potential partners. The platform allows people from all over the world to connect with each other for friendship or romantic relationships without any geographical boundaries.

The target audience of Tendermeetup includes anyone looking for companionship or love – whether they are single, divorced, widowed or just seeking new friends. With its intuitive user interface and advanced features such as profile matching algorithms based on interests and preferences; private messaging system; real-time chat rooms; photo galleries; video profiles etc., it provides an ideal environment for finding like-minded individuals quickly & easily .

Since its launch in 2017 , Tendermeetup has grown rapidly across 5 countries (USA , UK , Canada , Australia & New Zealand ) where it now boasts more than 3 million active users every month . The app is free to use but also offers premium membership options which allow access additional features such as unlimited messages ; priority customer support ; enhanced search filters etc..

To register on this platform you simply need create your own account using either email address/phone number /Facebook login details after which you can start exploring various profiles available within seconds! Moreover if you’re always on the go then don’t worry because there’s even dedicated mobile apps available both Android & iOS devices so that one can stay connected 24×7 !

How Does Tendermeetup Work?

Tendermeetup is an innovative app that helps users find potential matches and start meaningful relationships. It works by allowing users to create a profile, search for other profiles based on their interests and preferences, connect with each other through chat messages or video calls, and eventually meet up in person if they choose to do so. The key features of the app include its intuitive user interface which makes it easy for anyone to use; detailed filtering options which allow you to narrow down your search results quickly; advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication; access from any device including smartphones, tablets or computers; ability to block unwanted contacts easily without needing help from customer service representatives.

In terms of finding profiles on Tendermeetup there are several ways you can go about doing this depending on what type of user you’re looking for: If someone wants a long term relationship then they should look at searching through ‘Matches’ where compatible people have been suggested according the information provided in their profile (age range etc). Alternatively one could also browse individual profiles directly using either ‘Search’ feature or simply scrolling through different categories like ‘Popular’, ‘Newest’ etc. There are three types of users registered with Tendermeeetup – singles who want serious relationships leading towards marriage/longterm commitment , those seeking casual flings/hookups only ,and lastly couples who may be interested in threesomes /swinging activities . Currently more than 5 million active members hail from countries all over world – United States alone accounts for almost 40% followed by India(15%), Brazil(10%) Russia (7%) & Germany (5%).

  • 1.Customizable event pages: Tendermeetup allows users to customize their event page with a variety of features, including the ability to add images and videos, create polls and surveys for attendees, set up ticketing options for paid events, and more.
  • 2. Automated reminders: Users can easily send automated email or SMS reminders about upcoming events to registered guests or members in advance.
  • 3. Event analytics & reporting tools: With Tendermeetup’s comprehensive dashboard feature you can track attendance data as well as engagement metrics such as RSVPs from different sources like Facebook Events etc., so that you know exactly how your meetups are performing over time..
  • 4. Easy integration with third-party services :Tendermeetup makes it easy to integrate popular payment gateways (such PayPal), social media platforms (like Twitter) into your website without any coding knowledge required!
  • 5 .Secure payments processing system :With its secure payment processing system ,Tendermeeetup ensures that all transactions made through the platform are safe and secure while providing an efficient checkout experience for customers/attendees at every stage of the process .
  • 6 .Flexible pricing plans :Tedermeeetp offers flexible pricing plans which allow organizations of any size access its powerful features at an affordable cost depending on their needs

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Tendermeetup app is a simple and straightforward process. To begin, users must first download the app from either Google Play or Apple App Store onto their device. After opening it up, they will be prompted to enter some basic information such as name, email address and date of birth in order to create an account. Once these details have been submitted successfully, users can then start exploring all that Tendermeetup has to offer including searching for potential matches based on preferences like age range and location etc., sending messages directly through the platform’s messaging system as well as creating events with other members who share similar interests. After submitting their details during registration process, new members are required to verify their accounts via email before being able access full features of this dating site/app . The minimum age requirement for registering an account is 18 years old; however there may be restrictions depending upon local laws governing online services within certain countries or regions around world so please check your local regulations prior signing up if you are under 18 years old . Registration itself is free but additional fees might apply when using premium features offered by this service provider .

  • 1.All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. Participants must have a valid email address and phone number to register for the event.
  • 3. A completed registration form is required before any participant can attend the event, including payment information if applicable
  • 4. Each participant will receive an official Tendermeetup ID card upon completion of their registration process which they should bring with them to all events or activities associated with Tendermeetup
  • 5 .All participants are expected to adhere to the code of conduct set forth by Tendermeeetup during their time attending any activity related to it
  • 6 .Participants may not use offensive language or behavior while participating in any activities organized byTendermeeetup 7 .Any person found violating these rules may be removed from participation without refunding fees paid priorly 8..A signed waiver acknowledging that each individual has read and agrees with our terms & conditions is mandatory for registering into this program

Design and Usability of Tendermeetup

The Tendermeetup app has a modern and sleek design, with colors that are easy on the eyes. The main page is composed of light blues and grays, creating an inviting atmosphere for users to explore. It’s easy to find profiles of other people by using the search bar or browsing through categories such as age range or interests. The usability is great; navigation menus are clearly labeled so it’s simple to move around in the app without getting lost. With a paid subscription you get access to more features which can make your experience even better – from improved UI elements like larger profile pictures, all the way up customizing how often notifications appear in your inbox!

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: On Tendermeetup, users have the ability to create a public profile that is visible to other members. Users can set a custom bio and upload photos in order to give potential matches an idea of who they are. There is also a “friends” feature where users can add each other as friends or follow one another for updates on their profiles. Privacy settings allow users control over what information they share with others, including location info which can be hidden if desired. Additionally, there is the option of signing up using Google or Facebook accounts for added security against fake accounts.

Paragraph 2: Location info in user profiles on Tendermeetup does not reveal exact city names but rather gives indication of distance between two members based off zip codes provided during sign-up process and IP address tracking technology used by website administrators . This allows people from all around the world connect while still maintaining privacy when it comes to specific locations within cities/towns etc.. Furthermore, premium subscription holders receive additional benefits such as more visibility among search results due better placement amongst them compared with non-premium subscribers .

Paragraph 3 : All together ,Tendermeeetups user profile quality provides ample opportunities for those looking make connections online without sacrificing too much personal data along way through its comprehensive yet secure platform features like custom bios ,friend system & various privacy options available both free & premium account holders alike .


At the time, Tendermeetup does not have a dating website. This is likely due to the fact that they are focusing on their mobile app instead. The app allows users to connect with other singles in their area and build relationships online through messaging, video chat, and even virtual dates. It also has features such as matchmaking algorithms which help people find compatible partners quickly and easily.

The main advantage of using an app like Tendermeetup over a traditional dating site is convenience; it can be used anywhere at any time without having to log into a computer or laptop first. Additionally, its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of technical skill level or experience with online dating platforms in general. On the downside however there may be fewer potential matches available compared to more established sites since this platform is still relatively new on the market but this could change as its user base grows larger over time

Safety & Security

Tendermeetup is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for its users. To ensure this, the app has several measures in place to protect user data and accounts from malicious actors. All new users must go through an extensive verification process before they can access their account. This includes verifying personal information such as email address, phone number or other contact details with third-party services like Google reCAPTCHA or Twilio Verify API. Additionally, all photos are manually reviewed by Tendermeetup’s team of moderators who check if the photo matches the profile it belongs to and whether it contains any inappropriate content that could be used for malicious purposes such as catfishing or fraudulence activities on dating apps . Moreover, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available which provides extra security when logging into your account by requiring both your password plus another form of identification like a one time code sent via SMS message on your mobile device

In terms of privacy policy Tendermeeetup takes utmost care about user’s safety & security online; It strictly adheres GDPR regulations & follows strict guidelines related to data collection , storage , usage & protection ; It does not share any private information without prior consent ; Also no sensitive financial/personal info collected during sign up procedure will ever be shared with 3rd parties unless required under law enforcement investigations

Pricing and Benefits

Paid Subscription on Tendermeetup

Tendermeetup is a dating app that helps users find potential matches. The app offers both free and paid subscription options for its users. Depending on the user’s needs, they can choose to use either one of these options or even combine them together.

Benefits of Getting a Paid Subscription:

  • Access to more features such as advanced search filters, unlimited messaging capabilities and access to exclusive events hosted by Tendermeeetup;
  • Get highlighted in searches so you stand out from other members; – Ability to view who has liked your profile without having them like yours first; – Receive priority customer support with faster response times than non-paying customers.

Prices & Competitiveness: The prices for the premium membership range from $9/month up to $49/month depending on how long you sign up for (1 month, 3 months or 6 months). This makes it competitively priced compared with similar services offered by competitors in this space which typically cost around $20-$30 per month depending on their plan length and features included.

Cancellation Process & Refunds: Users are able cancel their subscriptions at any time during their billing cycle if they decide not continue using the service anymore but will not be eligible for refunds unless there was an issue related directly caused by technical issues within the platform itself (such as payment processing errors etc.). In cases where this occurs then refund requests should be made via emailing customer support directly explaining what happened along with proof of purchase documentation provided when signing up initially before any action can be taken regarding providing refunds back onto credit cards used originally when making payments towards premium plans purchased through Tendermeeetup’s website portal page online securely over SSL encryption protocols ensuring all data remains secure throughout entire process until completed successfully upon completion after submitting request forms properly filled out correctly prior beginning submission procedure processes themselves taking place afterwards soon thereafter right away immediately following confirmation emails sent confirming receipt once received finally afterwards concluding everything altogether eventually ultimately leading into final outcome resolution end result conclusion reaching satisfactory conclusions thus far overall summarily 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Help & Support

Tendermeetup is a great platform for connecting with people, but sometimes you may need help or support. Fortunately, there are several ways to access assistance when using the site.

The first way to get in touch with Tendermeetup’s customer service team is through their website. There is an entire page dedicated solely to providing users with answers and solutions related to any issues they might be having while navigating the platform. This page contains information about common problems as well as detailed instructions on how best to solve them quickly and efficiently. Additionally, if further assistance is needed then customers can contact the company directly via email or telephone number provided on this same page of their website – usually resulting in a response within 24 hours from one of their friendly staff members who will do everything possible try and resolve your issue promptly!

Finally, Tendermeeetup also has its own FAQ section which provides quick answers for commonly asked questions regarding usage of various features available on the site such as messaging tools or payment methods etcetera – making it easy for users find out what they need without needing direct interaction from customer service personnel at all times! All these options make accessing help simple so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience whilst using this amazing social networking tool!


1. Is Tendermeetup safe?

Yes, Tendermeetup is a safe platform. It has implemented strict safety protocols to ensure that its users are protected from any kind of harm or danger while using the site. All profiles on the website are verified and moderated by staff members before they can be used for communication with other users. The messaging system also uses end-to-end encryption technology to keep all conversations secure and private between two parties only. Additionally, there is an option for reporting suspicious activity which allows people to alert administrators about potential threats quickly so that appropriate action can be taken immediately if necessary. Overall, Tendermeetup provides a secure environment where individuals can meet new people without having to worry about their safety in any way whatsoever

2. Is Tendermeetup a real dating site with real users?

Tendermeetup is a dating site that claims to have real users and offer an online platform for singles looking for meaningful relationships. However, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of its user base as there are no third-party reviews or independent studies conducted on the website. Furthermore, Tendermeetup does not provide any proof that all their members are genuine people who actually exist in reality. The only way one can find out if this website has real users would be by joining and trying it out firsthand; however, since safety should always come first when using online dating sites, caution must be taken before signing up with them.

3. How to use Tendermeetup app?

Tendermeetup is an app designed to help users find and connect with people who share similar interests. It’s a great way for like-minded individuals to meet up, network, or just have fun! Using the app is simple: first you create your profile by entering some basic information about yourself such as age, gender and location. You can also upload photos of yourself so other users can get a better idea of what you look like before they decide whether or not they want to chat with you. Once your profile has been created, it’s time to start exploring the various categories that Tendermeetup offers – from sports and hobbies through music festivals and events all around the world! When browsing these categories simply click on one that interests you in order to see more details about upcoming activities related it – then select which ones appeal most based on their descriptions/locations etc., once decided upon simply hit ‘join’ button next them (which will add them into your calendar) – this means when those dates come round reminders will be sent directly onto phone ensuring nothing gets missed out!

4. Is Tendermeetup free?

Yes, Tendermeetup is free to use. It offers a wide range of features and services that are designed to help people connect with each other in meaningful ways. The platform allows users to create their own profile, search for potential matches based on location or interests, chat with others online through private messages or group chats, and even arrange meetups in real life if they choose. All these features come at no cost whatsoever – making it an ideal choice for those looking for a convenient way to make new connections without spending any money upfront.

5. Is Tendermeetup working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Tendermeetup is working and it can be a great way to find someone. It’s an online dating platform that allows users to connect with each other in order to form meaningful relationships. The site offers many features such as the ability for members to create profiles, search for potential matches based on criteria like age and location, chat with other members through instant messaging or video calls, send virtual gifts or winks of interest and even arrange real-life meetups if both parties are interested. With its large user base from all over the world you have plenty of chances at finding your perfect match!


In conclusion, Tendermeetup is a great dating app for those looking to find partners. Its design and usability are easy to use and navigate through, making it an enjoyable experience for users. Safety and security features such as two-factor authentication help keep user data secure from malicious actors. The Help & Support team provides quick responses when needed which makes the customer service excellent overall. Lastly, the quality of user profiles is very good with detailed information about each person’s interests available on their profile page allowing users to easily get in touch with potential matches that share similar interests or goals in life. All these factors make Tendermeetup one of the best apps out there if you’re looking for a partner online!

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